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Hi everyone!

I’ve been doing a lot of these livestreams lately, but I thought it might be cool to go ahead and do something that was very specifically about the relatively new songs I’ve been writing and that will eventually come out and singles this spring and then on the new EP (which seems to be growing in size past the point of “E”) at a time to be determined.

It’s been taking longer than I’d planned, but, well…. I am now in the process of changing jobs and that has taken a little bit of my attention over the past few weeks (months).

In the meantime, here’s a stream I recorded over the weekend that includes:

  • In a Minor Key
  • Home
  • Pulling Nails
  • Clouds

I know not everyone is on Facebook these days, so I went ahead and also saved it up to YouTube. The input into the computer was a little “hot” so it’s not completely as clean I’d like, but I hope you still enjoy.

Have a great weekend!


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