Calendar – Open Mics and Shows

Big shows coming up!

And an ISSA event at the Arlington Center for the Arts (Sunday afternoon, December 10). We’re bringing together singer-songwriters who are willing to showcase songs that tell the stories of lived years (and also what’s coming next for each of us).

There also might be an event coming up on December 15, but details need to be firmed up yet.

I’m coming back to Open Mic America. It’s a little in advance, but please mark your calendars to join me on Sunday February 4 on the Open Mic America podcast. This showcase includes live musical talent from across the nation in a 2 hour show every week. I’ll be playing with the group from 8-10pm EDT (5-7 PDT) and look forward to seeing you there!

I’ve been (ir-)regularly making my way over to Tim Ko’s Ward 4 in Auburndale, MA for the Wednesday night open mic and to Ben Shparber’s open mic at Brewer’s Tap & Table in Waltham. My travel schedule permitting, see me there sometime from 7:30pm to 10.

Also, surprise shows keep coming up on the Chris Steele Band facebook page – so please keep an eye out

More as we have ’em, and please suggest more if you have ideas.  Also, please note that things may change on any given day, so reach me at  or message me on Facebook for confirmation (or ideas of new places to play).

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