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 img368Chris Steele grew up in Northern NJ and started to play guitar at the age of 12.  He and his friends Donald Humphreys, Chris Censullo, and Nils Walters formed a band called Prototype in about 1989, which then changed its name to Tunnel 18 the following year (the name’s origin is explained here).  

After college, the band members scattered across the east coast.  Chris Steele ended up in the Boston area in about 2003 and continued to write music, but didn’t do much with it. In fact most of 1994-2014 was taken up by working, flying around the world for business, and raising a family.  In 2014, Chris was recruited to play guitar in Newton Family Singers and realized that it was time to get back onstage with his own music.

RedDeer2015 saw the release of his first album (the Steeling Time project Time & Motion), which featured Chris on all instruments. Soon after this, the project’s name naturally morphed to Tunnel 18 (because why wouldn’t it?)

Since 2018, Chris has been out playing the open mic scene, mainly in Massachusetts and Alberta, writing and recording new material, making it available on Soundcloud, and looking for other like-minded artists to collaborate with.

You can reach Chris at steelch1268@gmail.com.

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