About Chris….

[I’m doing a little re-writing here, so bear with me]

So, the story is I’m a bit of a traveler and a dreamer, an observer of life,… 

A New Jersey kid who’s lived in New York and North Carolina before coming to Boston,…

And who’s spent a lot of time in Canada.

I play rock – music with roots that come from the 70’s and 80’s (and 60’s if we’re honest). Rock with some folk, but also a little bit of prog thrown in.  And – as one who’s lived a lot of life – I like to tell stories; my own and those of the people I see around me.

It’s been a great road.  2015 saw the release of my first album (the Steeling Time project Time & Motion).  I learned a lot and then put together a new, slightly more complicated collection (Wayfinding) in 2018 – never formally released, but available for you to enjoy on Soundcloud.

Since then I’ve continued to write, record and perform, and I am so very happy to be sharing my new (2021) collection with you, Alone in a Crowded Place.

I’ve had the good fortune to have my music showcased in multiple online shows and broadcasts, including:

You can reach me at steelch1268@gmail.com.

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