Going to be playing Porchfest in Newton, MA on June 4 for an extended set. Please see the Shows page for more details!

Got a brand new Twitch channel going! Come join me on Sundays at 1pm to hear tunes, some songwriting, watch recording in progress, and generally hang out. It’ll be fun!



Alone in a Crowded Place the first Chris Steele EP released in this decade is ready for download via all streaming platforms NOW (links just below).

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Chris Steele is a Massachusetts-based songwriter, singer, and rock musician.  Depending on the day, Chris might be solo with an acoustic guitar in Edmonton, Alberta, jamming out with friends at a pizza joint in Newton, livestreaming online, or putting down new rock tracks in the studio.

April 9, 2022

So Here’s The Thing…

At the relatively young age of 53 I have in fact come to the realization that I will not be a top 40 artist. I am certainly okay with this. In fact, I’m overjoyed merely to know that I have developed the skills and the self-awareness to be able to get what is in my… More »

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