Chris Steele is a Massachusetts-based songwriter, singer, and rock musician.  Depending on the day, Chris might be solo with an acoustic guitar in Edmonton, Alberta, jamming out with friends at a pizza joint in Newton, livestreaming online, or putting down new rock tracks in the studio.

My music comes from a love of classic rock, influenced by 90’s grunge and post-grunge, and then filtered through the mind of a poet who travels too much.  Please come on in and take a look around.

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Alone in a Crowded Place the first Chris Steele EP released in this decade will be ready for download via all streaming platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, etc) on July 22. I’ll be doing a little live event on Instagram that night at 7pm and also a live in person event on THURSDAY AUGUST 12 (6:30-8:30PM) at Farm Pond Park in Framingham along with Danielle Pinals and Andrew Geano. Actualy physical CDs will be available for nominal purchase then… and at any live event I do from that point on (or you can request one – email me!)

June 26, 2021

Ok, Here We Go!

The past few weeks have been a fairly busy time on multiple fronts: I’ve started to go back into Boston on a more regular basis, I spent time with dear friends of mine down in Brooklyn last weekend, and I even got to see my dad for Father’s Day – in person. Much more on… More »

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