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Ready for a night of great music by a broad range of singer songwriters (including me?) Come join me and my friends from the Boston Chapter of the International Singer-Songwriters Association (ISSA) on Saturday December 3. It promises to be a great show and a wonderful chance to see everyone in person as well.

The show will be supporting One Broadway Collaborative, who does incredible work supporting musicians and other artists in Boston, Lawrence, and around New England. It’s going to be a great show for a wonderful cause, and I hope to see you there!

Going to be playing Porchfest in Newton, MA on June 4 for an extended set. Please see the Shows page for more details!


Another good reason to get on the mailing list? The new single “I Am Not Well” is coming soon. All the mixing and mastering are done – I’m just trying to get a video done as well and then perhaps we’ll throw a little party somewhere. Sign up for the mailing list and be part of the fun!!



Alone in a Crowded Place the first Chris Steele EP released in this decade is ready for download via all streaming platforms NOW (links just below).

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Chris Steele is a Massachusetts-based songwriter, singer, and rock musician.  Depending on the day, Chris might be solo with an acoustic guitar in Edmonton, Alberta, jamming out with friends at a pizza joint in Newton, livestreaming online, or putting down new rock tracks in the studio.

November 12, 2022

A Showcase, A Video, and Being in Thin Air

I just spent four days in Bogotá, Columbia, and I’m now writing this at Toronto Pearson Airport (because of course the straightest line between Bogotá, Colombia goes through Canada, and I find no fault with that). Bogotá sits at about 8,500 feet above sea level, so while I have loved the city and the scenery… More »

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