Another try, and unfortunately another no-go. 

Andrew Geano and Lady Mallory successfully did their show on Saturday, and Andrew’s single Head Voice got the launch it deserved. This great song, recorded at The Greenhouse studio in New Hampshire, captures a lot of the angst that we’re all feeling right now. Even the opening line about the air raid being over resonates with so many of us who have been locked down for the past two years–

Which brings me to the reason that I had to cancel.

This latest surge of the Covid virus, the omicron variant, has been very frightening, and how very close it has been hitting. The Sunday before the show, I found out that I had been exposed by proximity to close family members just the day before. In subsequent days I found out that my 23-year-old son had also caught the virus, and another family member within our day-to-day circle of interactions was sick and likely positive. 

With all of those potential exposures, I did not feel right going to a live performance and singing in front of dozens of people. The risk that I could be a factor in getting many other people exposed was not a risk I wanted to take. 

Andrew had an excellent launch event, and has had a whirlwind week of getting great attention for the new single, and some well deserved awareness of all of the great music that he has created. 

Basic tracks in place at the console at Elliot Linden Studios

For my part, I have doubled down on the things that I can do. This has meant writing and recording – “It’s Alright,” “California Skies,” and “All’s Well That Ends” all have basic tracking done and will be sent to Terrance relatively soon. “Apropos of Nothing” and “Long Road” are getting final writing treatment and development.

I also went through some old notebooks, and realized I have somewhere on the order of 50 to 100 lyric or poem fragments that could be developed. Each was a thought or a story that I wanted to work with. It’s been somewhat inspiring to go back and look at them!

All of this is to say that while I am still heartbroken at my inability to play live in front of people, it is not going to stop my creative spark!

I look forward to seeing you all as soon as I can do so safely. In the meantime, I will continue to follow my muse and write music that I like to listen to, and I hope that you do too.

Until next time, thank you again for being with me on this journey.

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