Back Among the Living

Just a short blog today. It’s been a pretty interesting week, and there were definitely a few very bright spots.

This was a week of four shows – and for the first time in two years one of them was in person! On Monday, Washington’s Birthday, I played live, in person, at Porter Belly’s in Brighton, at Tim Ko’s excellent open mic. It was a delight to see people I had not seen, listen to artists whose music I had missed, and share the music that I’ve been writing during this pandemic.

(It was delightful, but also a little anxiety-producing. Going out into a mix of masked and not-masked folks involves a lot of uncertainty as to the safest way to proceed, when the risk calculus changes on a daily basis.)

I of course did my regular Facebook shows on Tuesday night (Apocalyptic) and Friday afternoon (Eagles Nest). Each has a great following and a wonderful community, and it’s been a pleasure to be a part of both.

My new Twitch stream is also proving to be a fun experiment. It looks like there are viewers out there, and I’ll keep experimenting to see what works. I’m currently recording two songs (“I Am Not Well” and “Heart of a Young Man”) and I’ll be recording and mixing live this Sunday at 1pm on Twitch if anyone wants to tune in and comment live.

And finally, I will be getting out to play live in person on more occasions in the coming weeks. I look forward to seeing you, probably at either Porter Belly‘s or Ward 4 in Auburndale for now (but please let me know if there’s another place you think I ought to try!).

Thanks again for being with me on this journey!

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