So for a little while there, things were moving very very fast! The new EP was out, there were new listeners on Spotify, and a chance to play live! We took two bites at the apple to try and get a live show going in August and then in September. And in each case, Danielle, Andrew, and I came up on the wrong side of weather’s fate.

And then, the nights grew longer, days grew shorter, the earth cooled, and so did our chances for doing a safe outdoor launch show.

In addition to this, as a parent I had other items that I needed to attend to. Family works to its own timeline, and the needs of kids come before all others. And of course there’s also the ongoing plague.

So we are now in a bit of a lull. Still only performing live via livestream. Not on the road.

And yet…

“Bus Ride” in process…

Here’s a little taste of something. “Bus Ride” was written a long time ago, but never given a full studio recording. And now that has been fixed. Terrance is working on final mix right now. And then he’s going to have “Careful What You Wish For” and “I Am Not Well” to work on. And we’re trying to find a way to get the definitive version of “Tibb’s Eve” done before the holidays.

And there are about 6-7 other songs in progress at various stages.

In other words, I’ve got another full album starting to come together.

A lull, or perhaps a useful shift in focus from the things that can’t happen to the things that need and want to happen now.

And maybe that’s ok.


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