Recording and Eventing in the Age of Delta

Mark your calendars for coming to Framingham on September 24!

I hope all of you are safe and doing well. Things here in Massachusetts are both better and worse than the last time I spoke with you.

First off, thank you for your patience as I have not written in a while, but I wanted to try to make sure I had some news on rescheduling the live event. 


As most of you in the greater Boston area probably already know, our event scheduled for early August got canceled at the last minute because of a strong line of thunderstorms that came through and chased us out of Farm Pond Park. Danielle, Andrew, Terrance, and I had everything pretty much all set and we were just about to kick off the show when a huge line of towering black clouds moved in from the west. Then all of our phones started going off with severe thunderstorm alarms, and that was pretty much that!

That was exciting!

Several friends and fans had already started to arrive, so we did get to say hello to people we had not seen in ages. While that part was fantastic, we still wanted to make sure we got a chance to play live and launch these projects appropriately. Danielle has done yeoman’s work in coordinating with the city of Framingham and we now have a confirmed reschedule date for 6pm on September 24, a lovely early autumn Friday. 

We also learned a few things from the last time we tried this, so expect a great show! We’re really looking forward to seeing you.

And, while we are still celebrating the launch of Alone In A Crowded Place, new music is starting to take form for what I believe will be a full length album to be released some time in 2022. Five songs have already been tracked, including “Careful What You Wish For,” “All’s Well That Ends,” “Long Road,” and a blast from the distant past, “Bus Ride.” I’ve been playing a lot of these as solo acoustic pieces for a while, but it’s amazing hearing them come together in full recordings. 

I’ll share more with you about the recording process as it moves forward, especially as I’m planning to do things a little bit differently this time, and inviting some additional people to play along with me. There may also be a few voices on these you have not heard previously!

In the meantime, I look forward to seeing you on September 24, and please keep an eye on the Facebook and web pages as I am still doing live stream events on a fairly regular basis, and it would be great to see you.

Thanks so much for being on this ride with me. 


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