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Hope all is good by all of you. It’s been exciting times here and there’s a lot to plug in terms of my own music, but that’s not what I’m writing about today.

Spotify is in the process of changing its policies for how it pays artists. There are several things all happening at the same time, but the one that is most important to the people that you and I listen to on a regular basis is that they will not be paying artists for songs that have less than 1000 plays per year.* The funds that are collected from those plays will be put into a pot, and then divvied up among those artists whose songs do, in fact, have more than 1000 plays in a year.

There’s a lot of speculation about why this policy change is taking place, but there seems to be general agreement that this is a push from the major labels and artists to get more payment from Spotify and streaming. This policy would certainly achieve that.

This makes life even harder for indie artists with a fairly small streaming base and a fairly small income! 

So here’s my ask to you: 

Start aggressively listening to the indie artists you love. Create playlists that include your favorite songs from these artists and throw them on repeat. Share those playlists with friends and on social media. And then take the lists that are being shared with you, and share them even further!

I am already doing this myself, and you can find my playlist of faves here: PLEASE PLAY THIS LIST CONSTANTLY

I’m also going to include a list of local indie artists (and their Spotify links) below. Please reply to this blog post with your own favorites and I’ll make sure they get posted here and added to my playlist. Thank you so, so much, and I’ll write more on other topics soon!

Alex and the People

Andrew Geano

Jabbering Trout

Anne Sandstrom

Danielle Pinals

Ric Page

Linda Marks

Rivers Between

Kenny Selcer

Craig Sonnenfeld

Michael Gutierrez-May

Crowes Pasture

*Policy changes have also been put in place to penalize the use of any streaming farms to artificially inflate artists’ stream counts.

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  1. Omg why is this happening?? Also omg TYSM honored to be in a Chris Steele list of favorites!

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