Hi! It’s me! 

Before I dive in, there are a bunch of really exciting things coming up and I would love it if you would join me for some of them.

First, I will be playing on Open Mic America tomorrow, Sunday, October 15. The show starts at 8 PM Eastern time/5 PM Pacific and runs for two hours. Each of the performers gets to do two songs, and also tells a little bit of their story, and about what makes them make the art they do. I am really looking forward to this, and I’m also really happy that this is available to anyone who wants to tune in. Please click here for the live broadcast (and the replay later).

Second, I and several friends will be playing at the Fenway Community Center on Thursday, October 26 from 6:30 pm to about 9:00. We have a great crew lined up, and you should be able to see the lineup here to the left.

Third, we have a show coming up on December 10 at the Arlington Center for the Arts. We are euphemistically calling it at the moment Songwriters With Lived Experience. That’s not to say that we’re old, but we certainly do have a lot of stories to tell!

But really what I wanted to write about today is a huge thank you, and a little bit of a look back.

This is my 100th entry into this blog.

When it first started, I was a guitarist/singer/songwriter who had not performed live in over 20 years. I was trying to recapture the creative dreams of my youth and grasping for something that I felt was long past.

Now, about seven years on, I have played hundreds of live shows either in person or virtually, and played thousands of songs for (I’m guessing) hundreds of people. I have released multiple songs and an EP, and I have all but completed an album that will launch sometime in 2024. And most importantly, I have a community of fellow musicians and friends that I could not have imagined before starting this.

So, two quick things, and then I will let you get on with your day. The first is a tremendous “Thank you!” to all who read this, all who listen to my music, all who find a line or two to sing along with because it means something to you. A “thank you” to those who have helped me make this music, and with whom I have the distinct honor and pleasure of sharing the stage every once in a while.

And the second is: today is always a great day to start something. No time is too late. No time is too early. And when you do, you get to look back after a little bit and see everything you’ve been able to do, and then set the bow of the ship again for the horizon, and let the sales unfurl.

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