Music was in this place and I, I did not know

So, a short post today, but I came across something that I really wanted to share with you. You may know about my fascination with lost studios, particularly those that produce music that’s important to me – this is one of those. 

Up until fairly recently, I worked at a shared office space at 359 Newbury St. in Boston. Just a couple of doors down the road is 331 Newbury St.  I’m pretty sure it’s a hair salon of some kind now, but 30 years ago it went by a different name: Syncro Sound

I’ll let the article from the Boston Globe magazine tell its tale. For my own part, however, I think it’s amazing that just a couple of doors down from where I worked for three years was the building where The Cars put together some incredible music (and so did Yes, Aimee Mann, Ministry, and more).

Before it was owned by The Cars, the studio was owned by Intermedia, and this is where Aerosmith cut their first album.

Keep your eyes and ears open, kids. Music is in these places. 


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