Every Other Night

As the king of understatement, I’ll say the past 10 days or so have been pretty eventful. By which I mean the following: 

  • Sept 15 – played at an open mic at Article 24, Allston, MA
  • Sept 16 – played at an open mic at Bill’s Pizza, Newton Centre, MA
  • Sept 17 – played at an open mic at Tommy Doyle’s, Nonantum, MA
  • Sept 20 – played my first long-set solo gig at Tommy Doyle’s, Nonantum, MA
  • Sept 23 – played at an open mic at Cask & Barrel in Edmonton, AB
  • Sept 25 – played along with a few friends as a full band at The Leaf Bar in Edmonton, AB

Back when I started playing live again, I had no idea that I would be playing this often in this many locations to this many people quite so soon. To say it’s an adventure is another understatement. 

And that Sept 20 show – oh my God, that was an incredible night! I am so thankful to the friends who turned out, and those who came up afterward asking about my music. I must be an absolute junkie for this stuff, because I am looking forward to my next fix like that.

2019-09-23 23.08.35Edmonton on the 23rd was also a special night. Nominally just another open mic, but after I’d played my little set of a couple of songs and gone back to my chair, about a dozen of my area friends came in and demanded that I do a second set. I am thankful that I still had an opportunity to get up and do another four songs without displacing somebody else that wanted to come to the mic and sing.

Truly I hope – and I am committed to making it so – that this is just the beginning for me. There are new songs bubbling around in my mind, dying to be written. Every day I learn a little bit more about how to play better, how to sing better, and how to find a voice that feels authentic to me. 

Thank you for coming with me on this journey. Thank you for listening to my music, and please let me know if you have ideas for new places to play!  And please checking www.tunnel18band.com as we add more content, music and stuff TBD!


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