Marathon Week

I’ve spent bits of my career going from town to town (up and down the dial…) and from hotel room to hotel room.  As much as that part of the life description is exactly as I’d dreamed as a teenager, the majority of that time has been travel for work rather than for playing music.

This week marks an interesting change.  I have a long solo acoustic set on Friday (at Tommy’s Doyle’s in Newton MA.  Details in the link), and I’m warming up by doing three open mic sets Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday night.  Immediately following the gig on Friday, I’ll jump a plane Saturday morning to head back to Edmonton, AB (my home away from home) and am planning to play Duggan’s Boundary on Tuesday and likely at least one other event.

Anyway, the upshot is, please come out and see me at any of the following this week:

  • Sunday, Sept 15 – Article 24, Brighton, MA (approx 10pm)
  • Monday, Sept 16 – Bill’s Pizza, Newton Centre, MA (8:20pm)
  • Tuesday, Sept 17 – Tommy Doyle’s, Nonantum, MA (Sometime after 8:30pm)
  • Friday, Sept 20 – Tommy Doyle’s, Nonantum, MA (Long solo set, starting 10pm)

2019-09-15 18.28.45If you do make it out Friday night, I’ll be bringing a little merch to hand out.  Look for CD’s (for those who live in a simpler time) of the first album and USB sticks with songs from album 1 and 2.  All are free, so just come and see me at some point in the evening.

Thanks, and have a great week!


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