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Just a quick little item today to hopefully help you mark your calendar for a few upcoming shows and events through the next few months.  I’ll be adding more, but it occurred to me that there’s a nice critical mass starting to build up here:

August 5 – Next Saturday I’ll be joining my friends Anne Sandstrom and John Loretz to play at the One Broadway Collaborative in Lawrence. Attendance can be in person or virtual and tickets are $15 and available here

September 9 – Still TBD. I’ve applied for Belmont Porchfest and will let you know if it comes to be. This one could be a little touch-and-go as I’m flying out for Germany and Switzerland later that night, but… hopefully.
October 15 – I’ve got a spot on Open Mic America. Open Mic America’s Sunday Showcase provides a free, online venue for live, original music and support for the “brick and mortar” open mic community. Their monthly shows are always a treat, and I’m pleased and honoured to be selected to be a part of this institution.
December 10 – Our International Singer-Songwriters Association (ISSA) chapter is planning a showcase for Sunday afternoon, December 10 at the Arlington Center for the Arts. Details will be forthcoming.
All of this is in addition to (when I’m not traveling)

  • My regular Friday 5pm virtual gig at Eagle’s Nest Revisited Open Mic (thank you Jay Singing Spirit Cunningham) 
  • Occasional Wednesday night open mics at Ward 4 in Auburndale, MA (run by Tim Ko)
  • And I’ve been increasingly enjoying the Thursday night Open Mic Jam at Brewers Tap & Table in Waltham, MA (run by Ben Shparber)

Really hope to see you soon, and thank you as always for all of your help and support.  Please, please, please help me spread the word!

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