The Last Few Live Shows of 2022

Hi, everyone! 

We’re ending the year better than we started, and instead of writing an end-of-year recap, I want to share with you a nice capstone for 2022. I had the pleasure of performing in two fantastic live shows this past month that exemplify the range of what is possible as a performing musician, and the kinds of community one can find.

On December 3, I joined with a few singer-songwriter friends of mine to perform a benefit show for the One Broadway Collaborative in Lawrence, MA. Linda Marks, with whom I’ve worked before, put the show together in connection with the International Singer-Songwriters Association. I got to share the stage with Linda, Anne Sandstrom, Craig Sonnenfeld, Joanna Katzen, Kenny Selcer, Angel Melaine, Michael Gutierrez-May, and Rick Drost, all in support of Aaron Tornberg – the man behind the Collaborative.

Experiences like these have been amazing, especially in 2022. Not only do I get to play my songs live in front of people again, but I also get to meet people with whom I’ve only spoken through Zoom and Facebook Live screens, and the chance to make these virtual friendships tangible is indescribably rewarding. It was a great time, a wonderful show, and I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity.

I also got to play live again, back in Edmonton for the first time in almost 3 years!!

I made it back to the Leaf Bar in Edmonton on Wednesday, December 14, and was thrilled to play a couple of different roles. First, I performed my regular acoustic set of my own tunes (which I think you can watch here). Then I backed up some local musicians on the stage (shoutout to Trevor Mullen, Robert Fernandez, and Jim Dyck!), flexing my country electric chops on some old Merle Haggard tunes, and finally we all combined forces for full band renditions of Sister Golden Hair and The Waiting. What a great, great night!

Thank you, as always, for being on this journey with me. 2022 has been remarkable in ways both challenging and gratifying; after Covid, personal challenges, and even the minor dramas of everyday life, it feels good to just have a break and to have solid ground underfoot.

See you next year.


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