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Good afternoon, everyone.2018-10-16 16.43.33

Just sitting here in another airport, waiting for a flight – this time to Toronto. There has been quite a bit of airport and airplane time over the past few weeks, and there will be for a few more weeks as well. I very much appreciate your sticking with me as life has gotten in the way of finding my way a little further through the Wayfinding album production process!

The good news in all of this is that there are a few more sets of lyrics that could become songs, there are a few more bits of music that might go with lyrics at some point, and I’ve been getting some really good practice getting songs in front of new audiences.

While I have to work and travel for a living, that doesn’t mean that I can’t bring my music with me.  So far, I have played some of my songs not only near home here in Massachusetts, but also at the Jersey shore and in Edmonton, Alberta. Over the next few weeks, I may get the chance to play in Boston, in Atlanta, back in Edmonton again, and even near my hometown in northern New Jersey.  While most of my songs are fundamentally written to be played loud and with electric guitars, they translate surprisingly well to acoustic with one singer.
2018-10-11 23.20.09
I’m really dying to get the new record out to you, and will do my best to try and get that done. But in the meantime, please continue to bear with me, and I will try and get new music out so the wait doesn’t seem quite so long. Thanks, stay warm, and be well.

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