A Launch, and Faltering Steps Forward

Ok, so here’s the good news:

The Time and Motion webstore is up and running (at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/steelingtime1, so please go and check it out. Really great stuff. Promise). All is good with the world, and we have a lot of good CD’s ready to go, or downloads as you like.

(as a complete aside – anyone interested in merch if we go that route? T-shirts? Beer cozies?)

The bad news, or at the very least the things that are annoying us tonight:

1) Not having a drummer.

As mentioned in an earlier post, we’re in the process of final writing and the start of recording for the next album, to be called Robbing the Cradle. However, our musical tastes are – shall we say – eclectic. And by eclectic we mean… odd.

When you have a regular drummer, you have someone who speaks the same language you do, and you can start an song and they find that pulse you need to get it to all fall together.

When you don’t have a regular drummer, you search through dozens (hundreds) of drum loops played by people who don’t have your feel or your vision or…  physical presence, really. And you try to find something that has the beat you’re looking for. The ethereal pulse of the creature you’re trying to bring into being.

And if you don’t find it. Well….

So the songs “Friday Night Girl” and “No One’s Coming” are really, really trying to be born, but….

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