Welcome to the Future

New Orleans, LA

Time and Motion, our first disc, will drop and be available for download and sale in about two days.  We somehow thought that a Halloween launch date would be a good idea.  Or, more accurately, time kind of got away from us and… well there you go.

T&M was a product of the very, very, (very) cold and snowy Boston winter of 2015 as well as the pent-up songwriting of our main songwriter (Chris… or me, that is).  Now that this album is out and into our fans’ hands, it’s time to start thinking about the future.

The band is not quite ready to hit the road (as, for example, we’re still missing a few key band members), and the new songs keep coming.

So, the obvious answer is… keep recording!

The new project is tentatively titled Robbing the Cradle – not for any of the reasons you might think, but more as an homage to Cat’s Cradle – the legendary independent music venue in Chapel Hill, NC.

I’ll try to keep y’all up to date as things get written, recorded, and maybe I’ll even give you a few in-process surprises and we go along.

Right now, I’m on a side trip to New Orleans, and getting my soul a little refreshed through communing with some friends who are into the music scene down here. Prime is the lead singer of a Black Sabbath tribute band called Mrz. Crowley (look ’em up! http://www.facebook.com/mrz.crowley), and it’s good to know that other seemingly mild-mannered people…. sometime aren’t.

More later. Now I’m off to soak in some local flavor.

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