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January 29, 2016

A Song (or 2) Is Born…. (pt 1)

Newton, MA (PS – Free treat at the bottom of the page…) January 23 – been thinking that some of you might want to have some idea of what it’s like to be in a recording studio. Technically, so would I. However, we’ve been able to work out a pretty cool set up that allows… More »

January 22, 2016

Cold Winter, Bright Future

(Free download of The Things We Wish We Were. Thanks so much for coming along for the ride) Newton, MA Boy, what a weird couple weeks it’s been. Everything from losing Bowie and Glenn Frey, to the real doldrums of the winter. In short, not the brightest of times. Of course on the plus side,… More »

January 7, 2016

Music Matters

Newton, MA (Find downloadable tracks from Time & Motion here, and all of the new Robbing the Cradle tunes here!) Thank you so much for clicking through to the blog, and I hope you’re enjoying both what I’m writing here as well as the music our little band is putting out. It’s been a little… More »

December 18, 2015

A Little Early Present…

Newton, MA Happy holidays everyone! 2015 has been a great year for Steeling Time, and we hope it has been for you too. When Time and Motion came out, it was incredible for us – more than we’d hoped.  And yet, it left us a little lost… 2015 started with that little to-do: “Record and… More »

December 4, 2015

On The Other Coast

San Diego, CA So, this will be the last week on the road for a while, and a good chance to come back to solid footing. I personally have this love/hate thing about travel.  On the one hand, I love seeing and exploring new places, hearing new music and bands (and used to be different… More »

November 26, 2015

Going Home Again

   Bergen County, NJ A very Happy Thanksgiving to all!  At this time of year, when the noise from around the world is concerning to say the least, it is right and fitting that we are all taking a day to give thanks for what we have and the incredible blessings that we were all… More »

November 19, 2015

Satori in Geneva

Geneva, NY If you ever find yourself in Geneva, NY (a great little city in the Finger Lakes), you must go to Area Records & Music. Ask for Jeff. He gets it. I just walked in there a little while ago and talked about guitars, small guitar stores competing with the big guys, how Gibson… More »

November 13, 2015

What do you call this thing, anyway?

Bangor, ME A few pieces of news over the past couple of weeks, all of them good. First of all, just found out that our album is up on Spotify. Yay! Didn’t actually realize that was going to happen but I guess that’s all part and parcel of the CD Baby thing. Really very cool!… More »

November 4, 2015

Southern Feels

Austin, TX  As the writing continues for Robbing the Cradle, I notice I’ve fallen into a little bit of an introspective mood. Might be the days getting darker earlier. Might just be a little worn out. Nonetheless, writing lyrics now that are a bit more “stories” than anything else. In the absence of new music… More »

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