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May 1, 2021

Aaaand We’re Back

The new website is up and running! I wanted to hold off on posting this until I knew everything was going to work OK. Certainly didn’t want to put something up that might get lost in the shuffle, so here we are. Scott Heron did all of the work that got us here, incorporating Micayla’s… More »

March 9, 2021

One Year

Well, this year has been the longest two weeks of my life. I’m guessing it probably has been for you as well. Back on March 7 of 2020 I went out to see a friend of mine (Mr. Andrew Geano – shown rocking out at right here) debut in a video he had shot (in… More »

February 28, 2021

Zooming Through Life (and a livestream!)

This past Tuesday was a relatively normal day for me, meaning I engaged in somewhere on the order of 5 to 8 Zoom calls of various lengths. I’m using “Zoom calls” loosely – some of those calls were on Zoom, some were on Microsoft Teams, and there may even have been one on Google. That… More »

February 6, 2021

Music was in this place and I, I did not know

So, a short post today, but I came across something that I really wanted to share with you. You may know about my fascination with lost studios, particularly those that produce music that’s important to me – this is one of those.  Up until fairly recently, I worked at a shared office space at 359… More »

January 31, 2021

100 Virtual Shows

My goodness, we have been locked up a long time, haven’t we? I was just sitting here planning the songs I’ll be playing for next week’s show, and the little chart that I use to make sure that I mix things up song-wise also helps me to track how many shows I’ve played and where.… More »

January 22, 2021

A Little Taste

Hi everyone! I’ve been doing a lot of these livestreams lately, but I thought it might be cool to go ahead and do something that was very specifically about the relatively new songs I’ve been writing and that will eventually come out and singles this spring and then on the new EP (which seems to… More »

January 13, 2021

New Years Eve 2020 to 21

(Subtitle, “WTF was that?”) So I know that this is coming a little late.  It had been intended as a New Years message, but…  I’ve been on vacation. Seriously.  No schedule.  In my case this means my panic attacks have very little structure upon which to hang themselves, so… there’s that.  But I have more… More »

December 22, 2020

New Music for the Holidays

Hey. Wanna hear something I haven’t shared with anyone else yet? I mean, it’s not quite done and I might change the whole thing around. But still, maybe let’s call it my little early present for you – a song still in process. This song had its inspiration a few years ago. My friend Mark… More »

December 13, 2020

Home (a song is born)

Wishing a very happy December to you all in this very strange year! Times have been hard all over. The regular challenges of life are even more trying in isolation, and with the regular remedies made more difficult or unavailable.  Nonetheless, even in these odd times there are things that bring a little joy and… More »

November 1, 2020

A New Era – Launching the Chris Steele music page.

Hi, everyone. I hope you are all well and are finding some light in these interesting times.  Here in Massachusetts, we just had our first snowfall, preceding Halloween by a day. Really, nothing about 2020 surprises me anymore. At the same time, I do have to say that 2020 has given me plenty of time… More »

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